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Clients are not an accumulation of numbers, assets and financial figures.

Asset Management Fees

With years of tax experience we are experts at helping you control your tax bill. From finding tax deductions for the self-employed to helping you get the most out of your charitable giving there is always a place to add value with good tax planning.

We have the flexibility to provide help on all assets, all insurance, all questions in the financial planning process without having to move any assets or policies from where they are at. If however you want us to manage you accounts so you don't have too, here is how that's billed.

Advisor’s portfolio management services fee is an annualized asset-based fee of .025%, based upon the value of the Account as of the last market day of the previous calendar quarter. Advisor will aggregate accounts for the same individual or two or more accounts within the same family, or accounts where a family member has power of attorney over another family member’s account for purposes of calculating Advisor’s fee.

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