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We Strive to be Your Tutor and Partner

You are working with your financial life. That is not something w take lightly.

Our roles as a financial planners is more than telling you what to do, it’s teaching you how to do it. At Cadence Planning, we get to know you before we begin guiding you.

Once you feel comfortable, confident, and welcomed into the client family – that is when we get started with our onboard process.

Step 1:

Discovery Call

Learn About You, Your Goals for Your Money, and Your Life

We ask clients to fill out and return a survey to help us prepare for our first meeting. The goal here is to give us a broad overview of your financial situation as well as your goals or concerns. (15 min)

Step 2:

Goal Mapping Meeting

You can’t plan to get somewhere if you don’t know where you're going

Tell me your story and what keeps you up at night. I’ll ask some questions to help paint a clear picture of where you are trying to go. (1hr)

Step 3:


Developing a Proactive Wealth Plan

I will put together a one page financial plan that will confirm what you’re trying to accomplish, summarizes where you are now in your journey, and lists the strategies that will bring you closer to your goals.

Step 4:

Confirmation Meeting

Let’s make sure we are on the same page

Confirming that we have correctly stated your goals is one of our most important points in the process. It gives us the ability to focus on organizing the steps that will help you pursue what makes you happy.

Once you feel confident in our client process, we’ll discuss how you can come onboard as a member of the family! (30 min)

Begin your journey by scheduling your Goal Mapping!

Let’s Start Talking